Optimism for commercial real estate in the region is strong. The $200 billion-plus record investment in 2021 has the potential to grow by 10% this year, despite external risks, with allocations to alternative assets such as multi-family apartments, data centres and medical facilities increasingly appealing, says Andrew Moore, head of real estate, Asia Pacific, Schroders Capital.
Four drivers of real estate returns in Asia Pacific
With sustainability so integral to allocation decisions for asset owners across Asia, what is the value of 'natural capital' to portfolios? Schroders believes that understanding - and embracing - this amid the ongoing changes to the climate, physical environment and biodiversity is key to avoiding nature-related financial risks.
Beyond Profit: Making natural capital matter
Although sustainable funds have seen increasing inflows amid growing environmental awareness and the spotlight on social issues due to Covid-19, the industry still lacks a standard definition of sustainable investing. Nicholette MacDonald-Brown, head of European blend equities at Schroders, explains the firm’s three-pronged approach of people, process and purpose.
Three 'Ps' that make your sustainable investing the ‘real deal’