AsianInvestor now offers RSS feeds for most of its general and sector-specific news. Simply click the feeds you are interested in from the list below, then add the URL to your reader. Not all readers operate in the same way, so refer to your reader's user guide for more details.

The URL for the AsianInvestor RSS is:

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Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

RSS is an easy way to keep updated by accessing news from all your favourite sites from just one place. It can tell you every time the news you want is updated, without having to visit each site.

How can I make use of RSS?

To use RSS, you need to get hold of an application called a news reader. There are many to choose from, from freeware to shareware. News readers display RSS feeds from your chosen web sites on your computer. All you have to do to get set up is choose which feeds you want, for example, the latest news stories from Asian Investor.

Here's a short list of RSS readers you might like to try:

  • Google Reader - Use Google's web-based RSS reader to keep up with blogs and news.
  • Feed Demon - full-featured Windows news aggregator
  • Feed Reader - lightweight open-source aggregator that supports RSS and ATOM formats
  • SharpReader - simple, well designed, reads RSS and Atom
  • NewsGator - RSS, Social Widgets, plug-in for Outlook
  • Bloglines - free Web-based aggregator
  • NewsMonster - Mozilla browser plug-in supports Linux, Windows
  • More can be found here