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Building on the results of a survey of over 250 COOs in 15 countries conducted at the end of last year, AsianInvestor spoke to COOs at leading firms about how their remit and priorities have changed following the pandemic – and whether that means broadening the scope in their involvement in initiatives such as change management and technology implementation.
The future of finance is digital – COOs weigh in
New corporate fund structures in Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore aim to make these domiciles more attractive to asset managers and investors. In part two of this mini-series, we examine whether asset managers should include them in their fund manufacturing and distribution strategies.
Assessing Asia-Pacific’s New Corporate Fund Structures, Pt. 2
MSCI’s inclusion of China A large cap shares in its emerging markets (EM) index presents exciting new investment opportunities. Gary O’Brien, head of custody product at BNP Paribas Securities Services, Asia Pacific, breaks down how they can be captured.
Landmark move enhances access to China’s markets