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Future-proofing portfolios: investing in the infrastructure of tomorrow

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In seeking out companies that provide essential products or services to society, EQT is focused on investing in high-quality businesses with significant and sustainable growth potential in attractive industries.

The increasing demands of the energy and digital transitions continue to create a huge opportunity for private markets investors in infrastructure.
The rapid rise of artificial intelligence (AI), for example, presents a clear need for new and improved digital infrastructure. At the same time, massive underinvestment by governments is creating an investment gap where we need to rebuild significant parts of the energy system and adjacent infrastructure to be on a pathway to net zero.
As an early investor in the asset class, EQT Infrastructure has driven tremendous growth in the space. For more than 15 years, it has actively partnered with its portfolio companies to help build strong, resilient businesses for the future.
There is evidence of this around the world. EdgeConneX, a global data centre provider, and EQT portfolio company, is committed to growing more sustainably by building energy efficient data centres and sourcing electricity from renewable energy sources where possible.
In the US, with EQT’s support, Madison Energy Infrastructure develops, owns and operates distributed solar and energy storage projects for commercial, industrial and community-based customers.
Meanwhile, SK Shieldus, an integrated security monitoring service provider in South Korea, and backed by EQT, helps families and communities be more secure by delivering digitally-enabled security where physical and cyber security work seamlessly together.
EQT’s aim is to make a lasting, positive impact as long-term active owners of companies that provide essential services to society.
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