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The first six months of 2023 was eventful for asset owners. Bonds became the asset class of choice, gold came back on asset owners' radars, and family offices were the target of incentives from both Singapore and Hong Kong.
AsianInvestor's top 5: Asset owner themes of H1
Inflation, banking crisis, and a weakening US dollar are putting gold under the spotlight. AsianInvestor asks asset managers if gold prices have hit a peak or if there is more room for prices to rise.
Market Views: How high can gold prices go?
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Long considered a safe-haven in troubling times, gold can provide liquidity and protection in risk-off scenarios - especially during systemic events affecting multiple regions and industries. It also provides a cost-effective hedging function compared to other options. Yet investors often still have reservations when it comes to adding or increasing gold exposure in their portfolios.
Holding Gold: From crisis response to long-term returns