Superfund launches new multi-strategy fund

The CTA/managed futures specialists launch a new fund that they trust will give returns in all weathers.

Commodity and managed futures investor Superfund has launched a new product, named Superfund White. The trading advisor is Superfund Invest, and the people behind its trading systems -- who have devised the new strategy -- are Christian Baha and Christian Halper. Johann Santer leads Superfund in Hong Kong.

The new fund invests in several existing live strategies that give access to medium/long-term futures, short-term futures and market-neutral equities. In 2008, Superfund strategies produced returns ranging between 21% and 75%.

The new fund started trading at the end of 2008. However, the underlying funds have been trading from two to five years. Superfund White is similar therefore to an internal fund of fund structure. The target return is about 20% and target volatility is 12-14%. The institutional class offers weekly liquidity and the lower minimum version offers monthly liquidity.

The institutional class does not charge any fees for Superfund White and the retail class charges a 0.5% management fee and a 0.5% distribution fee per annum. However, the underlying funds do have fee structures with a 3.5% management fee and an approximately 30% performance fee. Superfund White is currently being offered in multi-currencies in both institutional and retail class. Superfund's total assets under management currently stand at $1.65 billion.

UBS Fund Services (Cayman) is the administrator of Superfund White and the auditor is KPMG Cayman Islands.

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