Prime broking poll results reveal two-horse race

Wins for Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley in the institutional categories of our prime broking poll.

The AsianInvestor prime broking poll was conducted during the months of July and August 2009. We received a record number of responses and we'd like to thank everyone who took the time to participate.

In the November edition of AsianInvestor, we will publish additional results, such as individual winners and their vote tallies, as well as votes concerning which areas people would like to see prime brokers make extra efforts, and which would be their preferred prime brokers if they were to switch accounts.

Congratulations to our poll winners Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley and their respective prime broking teams.

Best prime broker in Asia-Pacific

Deutsche Bank, 238
Morgan Stanley, 238

Goldman Sachs, 73
Citi, 31
UBS, 22
Credit Suisse, 18
Newedge, 12
Merrill Lynch, 5
JP Morgan, 3
Barclays Capital, 2
Other, 11
Total votes cast: 653

Best securities lending

Morgan Stanley, 209
Deutsche Bank, 202
Goldman Sachs, 82
Citi, 30
UBS, 27
Credit Suisse, 13
Merrill Lynch, 11
JP Morgan, 6
Barclays Capital, 4
Newedge, 3
Other, 12
Total votes cast: 599

Best client service

Morgan Stanley, 234
Deutsche Bank, 218
Goldman Sachs, 60
Citi, 35
UBS, 30
Credit Suisse, 17
Newedge, 11
Merrill Lynch, 7
JP Morgan, 7
Barclays Capital, 0
Other, 8
Total votes cast: 627

Best capital introductions

Deutsche Bank, 201
Morgan Stanley, 195
Goldman Sachs, 51
Citi, 33
UBS, 33
Newedge, 14
Credit Suisse, 13
Merrill Lynch, 6
JP Morgan, 6
Barclays Capital, 1
Other, 16
Total votes cast: 569

Best in derivatives/synthetics

Deutsche Bank, 180
Morgan Stanley, 178
Goldman Sachs, 86
Citi, 26
UBS, 25
Credit Suisse, 18
JP Morgan, 13
Merrill Lynch, 11
Newedge, 9
Barclays Capital, 2
Other, 15
Total votes cast: 564

Complete survey results appear in the November edition of the magazine.

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