Institutional Excellence Awards: How POBA excelled

The Korean public pension fund skillfully managed liquidity and protected its portfolio while improving internal systems in a turbulent year. That's why it won the award for top regional asset owner.
Institutional Excellence Awards: How POBA excelled

Korea’s Public Officials Benefit Association (POBA) has weathered several bouts of financial markets turbulence with swift and decisive actions.

2022 was no different.

Against turbulent financial markets, the fund focused on maintaining liquidity and managing investment assets in possession rather than seeking out new commitments; disposed some assets to reduce volatility and strengthened internal systems to ensure the overall portfolio remained robust.

POBA has been innovative yet cautious, taking proactive steps to ensure it is not caught out by unexpected market movements.

The pension fund has a risk management system that can respond to market volatility and portfolio changes through regular risk analysis and reporting.

Through 2022, POBA also took steps to reduce volatlity by trimming certain asset positions such as in equities. The fund also exited from several private equity positions and booked profits.

Internally, POBA strengthened co-ordination within the investment strategy team.

The fund worked hard to improve coordination of the investment priorities between teams.

Sub-committees were established to execute swiftly on investments in various asset classes once approved.

The fund has also included ESG considerations in investment decisions to increase long-term profits.

It added an ESG checklist for alternative investments in recent years while investing in renewable energy through multiple infrastructure funds.

For its onging efforts towards protecting assets while enhacning internal systems and processes to quickly adapt to turbulent maket conditions, this asset owner deserve strong recognition.

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