AI view: what's ahead for the Year of the Monkey

AsianInvestor has asked and answered 10 key questions for investors in the Year of the Monkey.
AI view: what's ahead for the Year of the Monkey

From the second half of last year investors have experienced some of the wildest market volatility since the 2008 global financial crisis. In fact, the final throes of Year of the Goat represented the worst start to a calendar year for markets since the Great Depression, with equity prices plunging globally amid concerns over China.

So as we enter a fresh lunar new year, there are plenty of questions to keep investors awake at night. Will depreciation of the renminbi and further Fed rate rises spark an emerging market crisis? Will the oil price continue its slide and will Japan be able to hit its 2% inflation target?

Does increased volatility mean this will be the year that active managers outperform passive and will Asian equity markets stand out? Which alternative asset will provide the best risk-adjusted returns?

AsianInvestor’s editorial team set out to ask and answer 10 key questions for the Year of the Monkey, having consulted a range of industry experts. We thank you for your views.

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Will the US Federal Reserve raise interest rates in 2016?

Will Japan hit Shinzo Abe’s inflation target in 2016?

Will the RMB continue to depreciate against the dollar?

Will Asian equity markets outperform?

Will there be a crisis in emerging market debt?

Will China introduce a meaningful SOE reform in 2016?

Will oil prices continue to fall?

Will active outperform passive net of fees?

Will multi-asset products be eclipsed by a new trend?

Which will be the best performing alternative asset class on a risk-adjusted basis?

We'll add more predictions as they are published on the website. 

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